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Como se va!

Just got back to the hotel from our third show of the tour in Montpillier.  The club was this totally random and hidden place called (appropriately) Le Secret Place.  Seriously, this felt like those industrial backroads behind suburban business districts, and you go down this alleyway to come to the club.  The sign for it is spray painted on the wall, so if you miss it, you’re out of luck.

Funny part is, it actually turned out to be a pretty cool club.  We had these kinda ghetto trailers out back for the bands, loaded up with beer, snacks, and other fine delights (even crunchy worm shaped items not unlike Israeli Bamba).  Inside, it looked like a warehouse room, though not very big.  A lot of concrete, and a simple stage in the corner.

As we were waiting for our set, a woman from the club came in to interview me for a radio show that she worked for.  After setting up her recording device, she asked me the usual opening questions, about our name, and description.  then she followed up with a question that didn’t quite make sense at the start.  After looking at her notes, I realized (sort of) that she wanted to know how I felt about portraying Jewish themes in France, where Israel is very controversial. Needless to say, I was surprised by this, and told her that we are just here to play music, and speak in that language.  I’m sure everyone has their own different opinion, I said, but I think music goes much deeper than politics, and no matter what you believe, we can all communicate with it.

Finally, after Evil Country Jack (a very loud poppy metal band) were done, we took the stage.  So far, some part of my gear has failed me on this tour.  First it was my amp, then my pedal board, then my strings.  Tonight, in the middle of the first song, one of my distortion pedals basically smashed under my foot.  Kind’ve odd, considering that’s what they’re made to have done to them.  Anyway, it didn’t really matter, we played a killin set, and everyone there was totally vibing with us.  I’m lovin’ Kevin Zubek, our drummer on the rock and roll, and the band is getting tighter.

Tomorrow, we head back to Paris to play in the Henri Deutilleux Conservatory in Clamart (just outside of Paris).  Our friend David Konopnicki, who lives there, set up the show, and I’m going to crash with him for Shabbat.  Looking forward to resting a bit, as it’s going to be an 8 hr. trip back and it’s been a long week.  But also looking forward to this show, which will also be with Tzadik band Zakarya, who are really great.

Thanks for reading, i’ll check back in with more very soon.


yoshie’ and Pitom


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