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Wow.  France is an incredible country.  and beautiful.  I havent really been able to spend much time in any one place, but driving through the countryside has been amazing.  Vineyards, cornfields, cows, trees…everything quite beautiful.


I had an amazing Shabbat.  David Konopnicki, who set up our show in Clamart, graciously agreed to set me up at his parents for Shabbat. His family is not observant, he told me, but his mother would be excited to make friday night dinner a have a feast.  David took me over there after the guys settled in to the hotel and I was greeted by David’s father and sisters.  One by one, people started to come over.  Friends of every family member were all represented, and mulitnational…a French/Congolese man, Taiwanese woman, a west Indian woman, even my ashkenazic jewish American self.  It was a really great time, and the kosher food she provided was amazing.  After dinner, I went and passed out for 11 hours after a long week.

Saturday night we met up with Zakarya our partnering band for the evening at the Henri Deutilleux Conservatory in Clamart ( a suburb of Paris).  It was great to finally meet them!  A Tzadik band with a somewhat similar aesthetic to us, we had a really good time, playing and hanging with them.  After the rock clubs we had been playing, it was nice to have good sound reinforcement and space to move around…although there is definitely something to being crowded into a room with a bunch of random people to share your music.

After Clamart, we headed down to Pau in the south near Spain…more on that soon!


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